Karen E. Schneider, RHIT  Past - Secretary/Treasurer

29 July 1947 – 22 November 2005

Karen E. Schneider, RHIT Secretary/Treasurer

Karen Schneider, RHIT, worked in the medical record profession for over 20 years, most of the time as director of medical record departments in N.H. and also as a consultant throughout the state. Karen has been an active member of the NHHIMA and has served on that association's board of directors as treasurer for several years. She has also served on the American Cancer Board of Directors, Coos County Division.

A recurrence of breast cancer several years ago has forced Karen to retire from her professional work and what was a very busy work schedule. After working in hospitals for many years and seeing the potential that was available to help others through the salvaging of useable products and equipment, Karen joined her husband's dream to help those less fortunate in South American countries. "I feel blessed to receive the best medical care this country has to offer in my own struggle with disease. It would be wonderful to impact the lives of those who do not have the advantages that I enjoy in some small way."

Karen was also a mother of five children, three boys of her own, two-step children and two grand-children. She enjoyed keeping close to her family who are spread out as far as Virginia, the Midwest and Europe.

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