Providing healthcare solutions:

  • Medical Equipment purchasing
  • Medical supply purchasing
  • Medical staff education
  • Medical staff continuing education
  • Mobile medical solutions
  • Mobile Radiology
  • Mobile Surgery
  • Mobile Medical clinic

Hospitals and medical clinics in developing nations have great difficulty purchasing necessary equipment and supplies. Part of their difficulty is knowing what is available that is practical for their local situation.

Another question sometimes is whether remanufactured equipment is better than new. Supplies are available from many sources but which supplier offers the best advantages of price and quality.

Medical facilities in developing areas face the problem of what to do when equipment needs service. Who to contact and are their terms equitable?

Lehi Medical International solves all of these problems for hospitals in developing nations. We have the experience and associations to assist hospitals solve these frustrating problems.

Lehi Medical International offers comprehensive training for medical personnel at hospitals in the United States. We also offer continuing education at the local hospital to keep the personnel up to date with the equipment and latest techniques.

Lehi Medical International is here to help medical facilities serve their patients better and save limited resources.

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